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Outlaw Legal Aid

Outlaw Legal Aid will be the largest national 'Criminal Defence' and 'Civil Liberties' team in the UK - with its lawyers already securing top tier rankings in Chambers and the Legal 500.


Our solicitors will vigorously fight to establish your innocence and ensure your best interests are served.  


Our team is made up of over 200 specialist lawyers with offices spread across the country. This means we can provide 24/7 access to legal advice and representation for anybody, anywhere, all year round.

Funding by OUTLAW means our services are truly available to all.


OUTLAW is a well-known freedom fighter, working only with lawyers who sincerely believe that having a solid defence against the state is a fundamental human right for everybody, as well as supporting the importance of holding unlawful police accountable.


"We're stopping the injustice in justice." - OUTLAW

Outlaw Legal Aid is proud to offer an extensive range of legal capabilities:

Actions against the police / sue the police:

Sue the police and receive the answers and compensation you deserve, at no cost to you.


If your case is unsuccessful, we will pay all of the court fees and legal costs.

(Go to Outlaw Prosecution Service)

Legal advice and representation in court:

  • If your case is eligible for public-funded legal aid, we can instruct one of our specialist solicitors at no expense to you (see eligibility).

  • If your case is not eligible for public-funded legal aid but your case requires legal representation in court and you cannot afford to pay for legal costs, you can apply for Outlaw Legal Aid (see eligibility).

Legal advice and defences:

  • Our team of dedicated solicitors can provide expert legal advice before you’re due in court and assist with a robust defence.

Why is a lawyer necessary:

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to have a lawyer, and we can offer advice in order to build a solid defence and prepare you for representing yourself in court. Depending on your circumstances, it may be beneficial to represent yourself. 


Making contact with the CPS pre-trial is usually easier via a lawyer and some of the police procedural issues that you could rely on often need a trained eye to identify ‘real issues’. 


The ‘Outlaw Legal Aid’ is a budget provided by [the artist behind] OUTLAW. The budget pays the fees of a service team, an advisors team, and instructing legal representation from a catalogue of nationwide solicitors and barristers. Due to the nature of the service, we cannot confirm which law firm your legal representative will be associated with until your request is accepted and funded. 

We can cover the fees of one of ‘our lawyers’, or (potentially and after consultation), the fees of a lawyer you know or trust.

OUTLAW has no input in the case selection process. 


The solicitors and barristers we instruct do not necessarily agree with any statements or actions made by OUTLAW, nor do they work for OUTLAW - they are instructed to represent the client (you).

For the purposes of the explanation, ‘OUTLAW’ means the artist behind the anonymous figure (LINK). 


‘Client’ is a supporter or social media follower of OUTLAW, or a person who knows of the services funded by OUTLAW.


‘Our Lawyers’ and 'our solicitors'  means a solicitor, barrister or legal representative approved and funded by OUTLAW who 

is willing to represent a client with integrity and best interests in mind, using one of the defences approved by OUTLAW.

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To ensure our clients have a clear understanding of their situation and defence, our ‘first assessment’ defence team has not undertaken the BPTC and can therefore offer pre- Legal ‘information advice’ prior to receiving legal advice from an instructed lawyer or barrister.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly by an employee of the Outlaw Prosecution Service or Outlaw Legal Aid - 'OUTLAW LEGAL' - you can make a complaint by contacting

If one of our solicitors or barristers has been instructed to work on your case and you are unhappy with the service, The Solicitors Regulation Authority can help you. You can raise any concerns by contacting the Solicitors Regulation Authority via their website.

  • Care Leaver Covenant 


Our partners have signed up to the Care Leaver Covenant as an organisation. The Covenant is an initiative of the Department for Education and they have tasked Spectra First, with delivering on partnership with various agencies to improve the circumstances of those leaving care.


Our partners have pledged to provide advice, advocacy and assistance to care leavers who find that they are under investigation by the police or who face proceedings in the Magistrates’ or Crown Court. We understand that some care leavers can find themselves very vulnerable in the community and in need of advocacy provided by professionals to assert their rights.

  • The Justice Gap


The Justice Gap ( is the most authoritative source of information regarding that issue which is of the highest concern to OUTLAW LEGAL and it’s partners – the availability of true legal representation for the most vulnerable when and where they need it.


  • Supporting our forces


We are pleased to support British Forces Discounts. Our legal partners have a relationship with both serving personnel in its Military Law department, as well as those who have found trouble or been let down after their service career has ended. We endorse all efforts to support these members of our communities


  • Supporting our children


We are proud to support and work with Unicef and help protect our children.

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